Monday, April 12, 2010

white owl

I stumbled across this jewelry line, White Owl, on a few months ago and completely fell in love! The name of the line is what initially caught my eye (I'm ridiculously obsessed with owls) but it was the amazing designs that have kept my interest. The designers create handmade jewelry using lace and other new and vintage materials and the best part is the prices are so reasonable. These would make gorgeous bridal jewelry or bridesmaid's gifts and are perfect for the vintage-inspired wedding!  Here are a few looks from their shop:
 blossom lace earrings, $18

madeleine ribbon and tulle multi-chain necklace, $70

 viola lace earrings, $18

black dahlia necklace, $29

grey siri lace necklace, $29

deep teal marie antoinette earrings, $20

{All Images via white owl}


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  1. lovely blog!! thank you for featuring our creations!!

  2. No problem!! Thank you for making such unique designs!!


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