Saturday, April 24, 2010

Put Some Spring in Your Step

So I thought trying to pinpoint bridal shoe trends was going to be tricky since they are typically all pretty similar- white satin dress sandals or pumps with few style elements beyond the occasional rhinestone buckle.  But I was wrong!  Apparently rosettes are having a moment and they are everywhere- from all ends of the price range spectrum. They are super cute and perfect for a spring/summer wedding.  Here are a few of the many rosette-adorned styles-
Badgely Mischka "Randall" shoe, $204

Kate Spade "Kellis" shoe, $285

Martinez Valero "Vida" shoe, $153

Stuart Weitzman "Pamposo" shoe, $325

 rsvp "Ivana" shoe, $89

Nina "Elijah" shoe, $89.95

Coloriffics "Flower" shoe, $89

Liz Rene "Rose" shoe, $105

Fifi by Filippa Scott "Poppy" shoe, $99

Special Occasions "Rosetta" shoe, $55

David's Bridal "bloom" shoe, $59

{Top eight images via Zappos}
{Fifi via Filippa Scott}
{Special Occasions via Saugus Shoes}
{David's Bridal via David's Bridal}

Will you be sporting the rosette trend?  Let us know in the comments section!


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  1. LOVE the "Fifi by Filippa Scott "Poppy" shoe, $99." Very Cute!
    I've also seen Brides wearing blue shoes for their blue for "Borrowed and Blue..."
    And I've Brides wearing shoes the same color of their bridemaids dresses! Very pretty!


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