Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Want Candy!

If ever a jewelry line could cause a toothache, this would be it.  Ever since I interned at Tenacity Boutique a few years ago, I have fallen victim to the obsessive, sparklicious world that is Tarina Tarantino jewelry and accessories.  Her broad sources of inspiration combined with her psychadelic use of color make up an amazing array lucite and Swarovski crystal confections and let me tell you, it's very addicting.  And, if your as hooked as I am, there is no reason why the addiction can't carry over into your wedding day!  There are plenty of options for you and your bridesmaids and these are pieces that you can't almost guarantee will be worn again.  The quality is fantastic, and they are made in her "Sparkle Factory" in Los Angeles. I've created some inspiration boards showing a few of the many different ways Tarina jewelry can be worn on the big day.  As always, click the images to enlarge.

 These bright, floral inspired pieces would look great at a tropical destination wedding!

These black and fuchsia pieces bring edgy romance to an elegant, modern wedding.

Neon colors and light-catching Swarovski crystals are perfect for a summery garden wedding.

Blace lace, cameos, and rosy pearls bring the romance of Paris to mind.

Shell pink, aqua, and cream colored pearls practically scream east coast seaside party!

{jewelry images via Tarina Tarantino}
{beach image via Flickr}
{modern wedding image via Trista Lerit}
{garden wedding image via FlickrTrista Lerit}
{parisian wedding image via Flickr}
{seaside wedding image via Flickr}


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