Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tom & Beth: A Joyful Australian Wedding

Once again, EB's Australian photographer friend Kirralee Ashworth has submitted another gorgeous wedding!  This one features adorable couple, Tom and Beth, who were married just a few months ago.  

According to Kirralee, "Beth and Tom were married under a marquee at the back of the Anthelstane House. As Beth walked down the aisle with her dad, she gave the tulips from her bouquet to her closest friends and to her mother and mother in law. By the time she reached her husband to be she didn't have a bouquet anymore. It was very beautiful and had all of her friends in tears. The ceremony was taken by Remi Messenger and it had lots of beautiful, personal touches.  The flowers and decorations were put together by Beth and her family and friends. Creative photos and family photos were taken before the ceremony. Straight after the ceremony, Tom and Beth joined their guess for a cocktail party inside the Anthelstane house. Instead of having the usual wedding cake, Tom and Beth had a big cheese platter."  Uh yum!!! Tom and Beth were married on July 31, 2010.  Tom's "best woman" was Janet and Beth's "man of honour" was John. 

They walked down the aisle to Peter Gabriel's "The Book of Love".

Such a happy couple!!

Her vintage inspired dress is gorgeous!

A giant cheese platter instead of cake! What a great idea! Seriously.

Vendor Info: 
Photograper: Captured Wedding Moments by Kirralee Ashworth Photography, located in Melbourne, Australia
Ceremony and Reception Location: Athelstane House, located in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia. Tom used to work here when he was younger! 
Bridal Gown: Helen English
Celebrant: Remi Messanger
Reception Band: The Baker Boys

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  1. Love the dress and I could only imagine a wedding in Australia!!! Thanks for sharing


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