Friday, October 8, 2010

It's EB's Six Month Anniversary!!

I can't believe six months have gone by since I started this little blog!  I had no idea when I started it that it would become as successful as it has.  129 posts and over 26,000 page views later, The Ethereal Bride has reached viewers in over 90 countries and on six continents.  For EB's little half birthday, I've decided to share the top ten most popular posts of all time because, really, who doesn't love a good top ten list??  So, without further ado, here it is:

10. Everyone Needs Etsy! posted on June 16, 2010
247 page views
This was the first post I wrote exclusively featuring a variety of Etsy designers boasting a 100% customer feedback rating.  Because of the success of this post, I've turned it into a recurring feature.  

9. My Top Ten Gorgeous Movie Brides posted on May 24, 2010
327 page views
I had so much fun doing this post and I'm so happy that EB readers enjoyed it as well!!  I plan on creating a sequel post featuring 10 more gorgeous movie brides, because there are so many!  Please feel free to post suggestions in the comment section below.

Posted on April 8, 2010
399 page views
 I remember having no clue what my first post was going to be about.  Since my original idea was to have EB be based around vintage inspired weddings, I figured I might as well do a vintage inspired gown post to kick things off. 

7. Can you tell I need a vacation??  posted on May 17, 2010
442 page views
 As I've said before, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel and so I figured I'd do a post featuring a few lovely beach appropriate options.  This post managed to become so big because the Mikaella dress featured is a really popular search keyword.  

6. Fall 2010 Bridal Gown Trend Report posted on June 28, 2010
526 page views
Trend reports are always fun to do because it's interesting to make connections between different designers.  It's a little creepy that they are all on similar wavelengths...

5.  "Ecole de Danse" Inspiration Board posted on July 7, 2010 
855 page views
This Degas painting may have seemed like a random source of inspiration but I actually wake up to this painting every morning because it hangs on my bedroom wall.  The colors and textures always screamed "bridal" to me.

4.  Style Icon Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn posted on July 14, 2010 
979 page views
 Out of the six "style icon inspiration" posts I've done, this was the only one that made the top ten.  Everyone loves Audrey!

3. Inspiration Board: Peacocks posted on July 29, 2010
1,169 page views
The fact that this post is number three just proves how huge a trend peacocks really are right now, and for good reason!  They're gorgeous!!

2. Trend Alert: Spanish Style Ruffles posted on June 22, 2010
1,892 page views
Due to heavily googled styles featured in this post and also the fact that flamenco style gowns are super trendy right now, this post has managed to become EB's second most popular!

1. Top 20 Iconic Celeb Brides posted on August 10, 2010
19,140 page views
It's kind of insane that this post not only has 17,248 more views that the number two post, but that it is also the newest post on the list giving it less time to accumulate those views.  But, apparently Queen Victoria is one popular lady because most of this post's traffic comes from google searches for her.

So that wraps up the last six months of EB posts!  Have other favorite posts that aren't listed?? Share them in the comment sections below!!

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