Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ethereal Beauty: {No. 15}

I was really excited when I came across this almost ten year old post from Britain's POP magazine.  It features Gisele in the middle of stunning and surreal scenery, channeling one of my favs, 1960's model Veruschka.  While the makeup styling is a little over the top, it's definitely doable as an everyday look.  Like anything "high fashion", the key is to just tone it down.  Using black and white powder shadow and a lighter hand instead of cream shadow and liquid liner will allow you to create a similar look that is much more wearable.

Veruschka- the inspiration for this shoot

model Gisele Bündchen photographed by Mert & Marcus and styled by Katie Grand for POP

{Images via Fashion Gone Rogue}  

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