Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Dress Your Body Type: Wedge Shaped

Two Fridays ago I began a five part series of posts helping you find gowns that will flatter your body type most.  This week I am going to focus on the "wedge" shape.  Like I said before, the key to flattering any body type isn't necessarily about "masking your flaws", it's more about creating balance.  Once you figure out which body type you have, you can then find ways to balance your figure, making it look more proportioned.  Because every figure is different, these posts are meant to act as a guide, not a list of hard-fast rules.  Once you start trying on gowns, utilize your consultant because she will be able to find gowns that will look great on your specific figure.  Remember, these are just to help get you started, if you love a dress and it doesn't fit these rules, try it anyway!  You never know how it will look until you try it on!

The Five Major Body Types: Pear, Apple, Wedge, Rectangle, & Hourglass... and yes, you should be jealous of my drawing skills hehe

What is a wedge shape? A wider shoulder and (typically) larger bustline, compared to a narrow waist and hipline.  It is also known as the "T" shape. 
How to flatter a wedge shape: Create the illusion of fuller hips in order to balance out a larger upper half.
Some styles to try: Sweetheart necklines, subtle mermaids, a-lines, scoop necks, wide v-necks, simple bodices paired with more elaborate skirts
Some styles to (possibly) avoid: Halters, narrow sheaths, racerbacks, straight across strapless necklines, dramatic mermaids
Some famous wedge shapes: Gabrielle Reece, Angelina Jolie,

Styles for Wedge Shapes:
These dresses that I'm going to feature this week will pretty much flatter a wedge shaped bride of any height, including petites.  If you are petite, just remember to avoid anything that has to full of a skirt or you'll risk looking overwhelmed by fabric.

Essance of Australia Style# D989
Sincerity Bridal Plus Style #4523
 These two styles above are great for plus sized wedge shapes because the ruching around the waist creates a slimmer waist, the a-line balances out broad shoulders, and cap sleeves and sweetheart neckline are minimizing.

Bellisima Couture Style "Sophia"
 This style is great because the deep v-neck minimizes broad shoulders and the flared skirt balances them out.  It also shows off slimmer hips really nicely.

La Fleur by Anne Barge Style# LF177
 This is a gorgeous option for slim or petite wedge shapes.  The neckline is super flattering and the skirt is full but not overwhelming. 

Lela Rose Style "Under the Stars"
 This is a great mermaid/trumpet style option for wedge shapes.  Overly dramatic mermaid styles can make wedge shaped brides look out of proportion, but this one is subtle enough where it is flattering.  

Monique Lhuillier Style "Tinsley"
 Gowns with simple bodices and eyecatching skirts are also a great idea for wedge brides because they draw the eye away from the larger part of the body.  This specific gown is probably too overwhelming for petite brides, but the concept still works.  Just find a skirt that is less poofy.  

Mori Lee Style# 3077
This is another great gown for plus sized wedge shapes but is equally flatter one other wedges as well.

Key Points to Remember:
  • Scoop and v-necklines are super flattering. 
  • Halters and racebacks make shoulders look more broad, so stay away from them.
  • Stick to styles with simple bodices and eye catching skirts.
  • Subtle mermaids and trumpet styles are really flattering, dramatic ones typically are not.
Stay tuned for next Friday's installment of "How to Dress Your Body Type", which will focus on the "rectangle" shaped body type!!

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