Thursday, October 7, 2010

Style Icon Inspiration: Marie Antoinette

Like many others, I became fascinated with ill-fated Marie Antoinette when the movie came out four years ago.  The combination of the saturated pastel colors, rich fabrics, and over the top decor of Versailles grabbed my attention and hasn't let go since.  I figured I'd get away from 20th century style icons for a change and use Marie- the movie character and actual person- as inspiration for this post.  Note the similarities between some of her portrait gowns and movie costumes!

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Although not for every bride, the late 18th century look is definitely for the bride who wants a memorable look.  Channel the ill-fated Queen of France by wearing a full skirted ball gown in rich silk fabrics, elaborate jewelry, and pretty pastel colors.  

Top left gown by St. Pucchi style "9368"
Top row shoes by rsvp style "Roma"
Top row cake from Martha Stewart Weddings
Flower girl dress by Ladybug style "1223"
Macaroons from Talia Events
Earrings from Luxe Deluxe on Etsy style "Alessandra" hehe
Middle row gown by Ines di Santo style "Amore"
Middle row shoes by Martinez Valero style "Zoie"
Bottom left flowers and bottom row cake from The Knot
Bottom left hairpiece from
Bottom right hairpiece from Portobello on Etsy
Bottom right gown by Enzoani style "Belinda"

{Marie Antoinette images via Wikipedia and Costumer's Guide}
{Inspiration Board images via listed sites}

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  1. Love everything! Absolutely gorgeous and scrumptious! Thank you for including one of y headpieces. I truly appreciate it. Cheers!


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