Friday, September 24, 2010

Shoe Dye: DIY

A month or so ago, I stood up in my cousin's wedding.  Since our dresses were long, her only request was that we wear black shoes.  'Yay! I don't have to buy new shoes', I thought.  Until I realized I don't own any black bridesmaids-y type shoes.  But then I had an idea!  I had bought a pair of dyeable satin wedges a few years ago during my former life as a bridal consultant and had dyed them a lovely shade of shocking pink to wear to a wedding.  Unfortunately, a clumsy server spilled beer all over my hot shoes and the color ran a little bit, ruining them.  The amazing thing about dyeable shoes is you can re-dye them black afterward, since black dye is strong enough to cover pretty much any color, even shocking pink.  Since I used to dye shoes all the time before, I figured I could do it again and started searching the internet for black shoe dye.  I found some for a great price on Coloriffics' website for only $15- waaaaaaaaaay cheaper than going out and buying a new pair of shoes.  I ordered the kit, dyed to shoes, and took some photos because I figured I'd pass along the info to all of you!  Many of you probably have a pair or two of bridesmaid shoes in colors you'd never wear again sitting in your closet.  This is seriously so easy and so worth saving money buying on new black shoes...

Coloriffics Shoe Dye Kit $15 (comes with bottle of dye and 2 daubers)
Things you'll need:
-black shoe dye kit (like the one above)
-rubber gloves (the dye will stain your hands!!)
-dyeable shoes
-plastic to lay down on work surface (I used a white plastic garbage bag)

How to do it:
Basically you just put a little dye on the dauber and paint it onto the shoe.  You need to work quickly to avoid streaks.  Once the majority of the shoe is painted, go back and use a Qtip to get in the hard to reach places.  Let the shoes dry for at least 6 hours or so.  Don't worry if you get dye on buckles or rhinestones- just take a clean, damp Qtip and wipe off the dye.

What my shoes looked like before (isn't that color so fun?)

Remember to undo all buckles and closures before you dye them

See all the drip and fade marks?  Make sure to only wear your shoes on dry weather days.  Rain and wet grass will make the color run.

Make sure to work quickly, otherwise the dye can dry and leave streaks.

Use Qtips to touch up areas that the dauber can't reach

Good as new!!

Like my shoes?  They are by Touch Ups style "Shakira".  Buy them here!


  1. I love it. Your shoes look amazing. Of course I'm a shoe addict. I always love looking at bridal shoes and styles. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Thanks so much for the post. I am looking to dye my ivory wedding shoes to a useful color. Great job!


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