Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Julie & Marshal: The Most Adorable Photo Shoot/Proposal EVER!

So I received an email from Chi Pritchard of Chi Photography this week submitting a photo session and was so thrilled when I saw that, not only were the photos lovely, the story behind them was so freaking cute!

Ok, so here's the story: Marshal is in the military and is being transferred to Florida from Charleston, South Carolina.  His girlfriend, Julie, quit her nursing job in order to go with him.  Since they were leaving the Charleston area, they wanted to have a professional photo session in order to remember their time there.  Marshal then called Chi and told her he wanted to surprise Julie and propose to her during the photo shoot!  I know, it's adorable.  They began the shoot at Waterfront Park with their cute dog, Ries, in tow, and worked their way towards the Battery with a quick stop at their apartment for a clothing change (and so Marshal could pick up the ring). They then walked down to White Point Gardens, where he got down on one knee, proposed, and (as you can see in the photos) she said YES!  Congrats Marshal and Julie and best of luck!!

 {All photographs via Chi Pritchard of Chi Photography, located in Charleston, South Carolina}

How cute are these photos?? Share your comments below!!


  1. Omg, the one with her over his shoulder after the proposal is my fave. So freaking cute!

  2. Adorable is an understatement. I've seen this photographer's work before and the way she captures people's essence is just incredible!
    I am glad she shared these photos with you - and that you shared them with all of us!


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