Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Style Icon Inspiration: Edie Sedgwick

First of all, I can't believe that it's been two months since my last "style icon inspiration" feature.  This summer flew.  Second of all, this was a really tough post.  Edie Sedgwick is a tough chick to imitate without veering into either costume-y or even sleazy territory- for example, Edie could easily get away with not wearing pants (apparently Lady Gaga isn't quite so original afterall?!), whereas most bridesmaids probably can't.  So, why did I choose such a tricky icon to feature, then, you ask??  Well, mostly for selfish reasons.  As much as I love Marilyn or Grace or Audrey (and believe me, I do!!!), Edie's style is the one I'm personally most inspired by.  From her crazy eyeliner/shadow/row of false lashes and nude lipstick to her mod fashion style, I love it all and am consistently inspired by it. 

So, who is Edie Sedgwick, many of you may be wondering?  Well, she was basically an American socialite turned 1960's youthquake icon and one of Andy Warhol's factory superstars.  She was in some of his films and was featured in Vogue magazine because of her unique style.  She typically wore things like black leotards, black tights, and huge chandelier earrings- her own spin on the mod look.  Edie later started to incorporate more bohemian styles into her wardrobe as well. Sadly she, along with so many others in that era, died at the young age of 28 due to complications from alcohol and drug abuse.  To find out more about her, click here.

Edie, along with Andy Warhol and another factory patron

Andy and Edie

Edie with her signature makeup look and ginormous earrings

Edie being featured in Vogue magazine in 1965

A more bohemian styled Edie

Don't smoke like Edie, just dress like Edie

 Edie at her wedding to Michael Post in 1971, the year she died

Channel Edie by incorporating mod styles, leopard and stripe patterns, black tights, chandelier earrings, bangle bracelets, and of course her signature makeup style. 

Top left photos from Project Wedding
Top middle wedding gown:  Reverie by Melissa Sweet style "Tavi"
Save the date car by Miss Print Design on Etsy
Top right maids dress by Watters style "4417"
Veil by Sara Gabriel style "Rita"
Leopard print dress by BCBG
Bangle bracelets by Tejani style "B0714S"
Leopard flats by Kate Spade style "Frisky"
Earrings by Alina and T on Etsy
Flower girl dress by Whitten Grey style "mod"
Bottom right dress by Milly

{Edie Sedgwick Images via Google Images}
{Inspiration Board Images via the Listed Websites}

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