Friday, September 3, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!: Martha Stewart Edition

So, originally I was going to do this post on cakes I found in a variety of places.  But then I made the mistake of starting on Martha Stewart Weddings and never ended up looking anywhere else because, once again, Martha blew my mind.  Her "50 Great Wedding Cakes" article really was full of 50 great cakes!  It was so difficult to choose which ones I wanted to post, but I finally narrowed it down to ten.  Note: you may want to hurry up and bake a cake before you look at these because you'll definitely be craving some by the time your finished...


This cake looks so yummy!

That isn't real ribbon, it's made of gum paste- amazing!

I love eyelet lace

This one reminds me of Marie Antoinette...


Based on vintage lace appliques- blows my mind!

How cute is this one????

Art deco!

Love the colors

Rum cakes: cake+liquor=a match made in heaven

Love this one- so mod

Why choose one design when you can have a few?

Love the unique shape!

See, don't you wish you'd listened to me and baked a cake??...
The original post, along with descriptions and lots more gorgeous cake photos, can be found here.

Which on is your favorite?? Let us know below!!


  1. Loving the rum cake!! It is so sweet looking & I am sure it tastes delish!

  2. It is impossible to choose. I can say I like the red and white ribbon cake the least, but I don't dislike it. They are all so beautiful, but then again it's Martha, it could only be fantastic.

  3. Love each and every cake that you posted. I think the orange ombre one is my favorite... delightful.


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