Friday, August 6, 2010

Martha knows best...

Ok, so I seriously love Martha Stewart and all the insanely awesome things she creates.  So on this early Friday morning, she is who I am turning to as I am drawing a complete blank on what to post for you today!  Here are some her crazy crafty ideas...

A tote bag for your bridesmaids!
It's easier than it sounds- your or someone professional can create an image or text, convert it to a digital file, print it on iron-on transfer paper, and iron it on the bag! Make sure you fill it with some goodies for them too, they deserve it!

Something (discreetly) blue!
Your need for something blue doesn't have to be a cause for stress! Just buy some pretty blue ribbon, tie it in a bow, and safety pin it to the underskirts of your gown- problem solved!

Wine bottles double as table numbers!
Just create them on the computer and adhere them over existing labels using double stick tape!

3-D heart escort cards!
So easy to make and so easy to customize to match your wedding.  Click here for directions!

Inexpensive centerpieces!
Forgo expensive floral centerpieces and buy different shaped clear candlesticks and taper candles in a color that matches your wedding! Dramatic!

Frozen vodka bar decor!
Add some style to your bar!  Click here for directions.

File card guest book!
Use index cards for guests to not only sign their names but also write well-wishes for you and your husband, then file according to their name!

Favors double as escort cards!
Kill two birds with one stone by using matchbox favors as escort cards!

What do you think of these ideas?? Share below!!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the guest index cards & the matchbox escort cards! The something blue is adorable!!!! thanks for the great ideas! :D


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