Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little more shoe love...

I came stumbled over these beauties and thought they were deserving of my sporadic shoe showcase (errr shoe-case??).  They are by LA based shoe design company Lanalia, and the cool thing about them is they are totally customizable.  Lanalia’s philosophy is “Your Day, Your Shoes, Your Way” and the goal is to allow a woman to create her perfect shoe. You can choose from leather or satin, 22 different colors, 11 different colors of Swarovski crystals to cover the heel and/or sole, a 4.5 or 5.5 inch heel, a NASA created Poron cushion option, 3 width choices, and a monogram option available in 7 colors.  The price is pretty steep, around $1,000 depending on what options you choose, but possibly worth every penny for the shoe connoisseur...
 What do you all think??  Share your comments below!
Lanalia's "Zina" shoe

{Image via Lanalia}

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