Saturday, July 3, 2010

Over the Rainbow

I can't believe Ethereal Bride has been up and running for almost three months and this is only my first feature on flowers!!  You see, I am not the only wedding minded person in my house.  My sister has been a floral designer for over six years and so, through her great floral wisdom, I have learned quite a bit over the years.  (Check out the floral creations she designed for this wedding!) So, here is EB's first flower feature, showing gorgeous, colorful bridal bouquets!  Enjoy!

Red Lion Amaryllis, Amazon Roses and Chinaberries

Roses and Calla Lilies

Evelyn garden roses, dahlias, and parrot tulips, accented with apricot feathers

Yellow mini calla lilies and cymbidium orchids

Viburnum and Queen Anne's lace

Viburnum berries, delphinium, and brodiaea blooms

Violets, pansies, and green muscari

Black and White

Peonies, gardenia, moss, greenery and birch bark

{Red, Pink, Yellow, Black & White Images via The Knot}
{Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, White Images via Martha Stewart Weddings}

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