Friday, July 23, 2010

Enzoani: A Love Affair

Every year around this time bridal couturier Enzoani debuts it's upcoming collection in downtown Los Angeles.  This year was no exception, and I have a few pics to prove it!

Enzoani and I actually go way back... way back to my former life as a bridal consultant at a salon near my house.  Enzoani was the crown jewel in the boutique's list of bridal designers, shining as the lone line that really raised the bar as far as fabric, construction, silhouette, color, and overall unique-ness were concerned (I guess in my opinion, anyways).  We were one of the first stores to carry them, when they first made their debut in 2005, and I was instantly in love.  I suppose my favorite thing about the line was that they gowns were so incredibly flattering!  They flatter those with curves and give curves to those with none.  The inner construction is amazing and makes wearing a big, heavy dress actually feel pretty damn comfortable.  Also, since my departure from that particular endeavor, Enzoani has come out with a diffusion line (ie less expensive, still just as gorgeous) called Blue by Enzoani, a bridesmaids line called Love by Enzoani, and an upcoming collaboration with Dutch line Modeca!  Ok enough of me professing my love for clothing (again) and let's just get to photos...

Some photos of the Enzoani preview show

And since I'm going on and on about how great they are, I'm going to show you a few highlights from previous collections, while I'm at it...



{Runway Images via LA Fashion Week}
{All other images via Enzoani}

What do you think of Enzoani?  Did you or do you know anyone who has worn Enzoani for their wedding?  Put your comments below!

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