Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Case for What May Possibly Be the Best Flower Ever

My sister, Lindsay-the-floral-designer has taught me many floral-related things over the years, and so I've decided to take some of her sage wisdom and do a post on the many reasons why carnations (yes carnations!) make fabulous wedding flowers.  Like many of you, I used to have negative "bad prom corsage" connotations associated with carnations, however, my smart sis taught me that carnations may actually be the perfect wedding flower.  And here's why...
  1. They're inexpensive.  Peonies typically run about $6/ stem, roses run about $3/stem, and carnations are about $1/stem.  That's adds up to be a huge difference.
  2. They're non-toxic.  Meaning if your 3 year old flowergirl accidentally stops for a snack while dropping flowers down the aisle, it's perfectly fine!
  3. They come in a ton of natural colors. As in over 30.
  4. They have texture.  They have a great ruffle-y texture similar to peonies, lisianthus, or roses.
  5. They smell nice.  Because it's important to smell good on your wedding day.
  6. They are always in season.  You don't have to worry about them being next to impossible to get and ridiculously expensive if your getting married in say, January.
  7. They take up a lot of space because they're a decent size.  Which means not only are they cheap, but you also use less of them.
  8. They last forever.  Ok, not forever but definitely through the ceremony, the reception, and beyond!
  9. They can easily be mixed with other flowers. Which means you can still have peonies or calla lilies or hydrangeas but you will save money without sacrificing the design look.
  10. They have universal appeal. They pretty much work for whatever type of wedding your having- elegant or casual, indoor or outdoor because of their versatility.
Take a look below at some gorgeous carnation arrangements and see that I'm not lying!

{Images via the given links}

What are your thoughts on carnations?  Share in the comments section below!


  1. I think they are very under-rated, and I am very seriously thinking of choosing them for my wedding.
    Thanks for the inspiring feature!

  2. Your very welcome!! It's crazy how they have such a bad reputation, when they really are such great flowers. Good luck and feel free to submit photos of your wedding when it's all said and done!! :D

  3. Carnation flowers truly look very beautiful. I have my own Floral Delivery shop and I have delivered Carnations for various weddings that had them as main décor stuff. You can do a lot of experiments with these beautiful flowers. I am glad that you chose Carnations for your wedding.


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