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Style Icon Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe

Very few women have had the level of style influence that Marilyn Monroe has had over the last six decades.  Her bombshell looks and magnetic personality combined with the gorgeous, figure hugging styles of the 1950's are why she has remained so influencial over the last half century.  However, proceed with a little caution when using Ms. Monroe as a starting point for styling your wedding.  Because she had so much sex appeal, it is very easy to cross over from glam and elegant into trashy territory and that is probably not necessarily what you want.  The best way to avoid crossing the kitsch line is to not think too literally about it.  Maybe incorporate a bright saturated color palette, similar to the colors of her Travilla gowns she wore in her films.  Or wear a figure hugging gown and a sophisitcated birdcage veil.  Or dress your bridesmaids in richly colored gowns made of elegant fabrics and in classic 1950's silhouettes.  Basically you want to hint at Ms. Monroe, not look like a Marilyn inpersonator. 
A 16 year old Norma Jeane at her wedding to her first husband, James Dougherty

Stills of Monroe (pictured with Betty Grable in the middle photo) from the 1953 film How to Marry a Millionaire

Stills of Monroe (pictured with Jane Russell in the top photo) from 1953's Gentleman Prefer Blondes

Candid photo of a naturally smiling Marilyn

At her wedding to baseball player Joe DiMaggio, Monroe played down her sexuality and opted for a demure jacket instead.

Monroe went back to a more traditional look for her wedding to playwrite Arthur Miller.

The hair and makeup of the 1950's (red lipstick, overly coiffed hair) can be a little harsh, especially for a wedding.  Marilyn's softer hair and clean makeup look of the early 1960's, however, is simply gorgeous!  Try defined brows, winged liner, black mascara, and a pretty coral lipstick or gloss for a toned down look that is still classic Marilyn and very 2010!

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Use Marilyn Monroe as your inspiration for your wedding day by incorporating bright colors, 1950's silhouettes, and lots of sparkle- because after all, diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Top left gown by Ines di Santo; style "Layla"
Crystal accented birdcage veil by Tigerlilly; style "ltdbird"
Top middle maids dress by Watters; style "6478"
Top middle gown by Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld
Top right pearls by MEG Jewelry; style "Dawn"
Middle left braclet by Bella Bleu; style "Ti Adoro Crystal Cuff"
Shoe by Grazia by Bellissima; style "Amoure"
Ring by Tacori; style "HT2202"
Middle right maids dress by Val Stefani; style "VS8928
Bottom left maids dress by Jim Hjelm Occasions; style "JH5021"
Bottom middle gown by Ian Stuart; style "Jet Set"
Bottom middle maids dress by Bill Levkoff; style "528"
Bottom right earrings by Anna Bellagio; style "Natalia"
Bottom right gown by Pronovias; style "Medina"
All other photos via The Knot

{Marilyn Images via Google Images
All other images via their respective websites}

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