Friday, June 18, 2010

Some more shoe love...

So as I was perusing the many bridal shoe retailers the internet has to offer, I came across these beauties and realized that, after falling off my chair, they needed their own post.  They look like they walked right off the Alexander McQueen runway and onto my computer screen.  Basically, if Lady Gaga were ever to get married, I think these would be the shoes she'd pick. 

Behold, my dear readers, the Benjamin Adams "Sissy" shoe-

Inspired by the intriguing life store of  Empress of Austria, Elizabeth of Wittelsbach, AKA "Sisi", this silk satin shoe features Swarovski crystals and a 5" heel, although the platform is 1 1/2" so it feels only like 3 1/2".  The shoe ranges from $600-700 and is custome made, so delivery takes between 8-12 weeks.  So worth the wait!!

What do you think of this style??  Let EB know!


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