Sunday, June 13, 2010

Six Fun New Color Combo Ideas!

Because there are so many color combinations to choose from, it's very easy to get overwhelmed and go with more obvious choices.  But don't!  Your wedding will be so much more memorable if you choose something a little more unusual!  Regardless of your wedding theme and style, there is a unique option for you.  Take a look...

For a vintage inspired wedding, try:
Aqua & Gold

On left: "Cloud" dupioni silk gown by Anna Elyse; style "Jackie O"
On right: "Sand Dune" tulle bobbinet gown by Vera Wang; style "Veronica"


For a classic wedding, try:
Marine & Pale Blue

On left: "Cayman blue" poly satin dress by B2; style# B3098
On right: "Light blue" silk shantung dress by Aria; style# 130KA


For a fun, summery wedding, try:
Scarlet & Citrine

On left: "Apple" cotton sateen dress by David's Bridal; style# 39261
On right: "Lemon Twist" silk dress by Ann Taylor Celebrations; style# 240588_3586


For a romantic themed wedding, try:
Shell Pink, Grey, & Lilac

On left: "Cosmetic" net dress by Melissa Sweet; style# MS322
In middle: "Falcon" chiffon dress by Watters; style# 7541
On right: "Lavender" chiffon dress by Jim Hjelm; style# JH5080


For a modern wedding, try:
Avacado & Black

On left: "Jeweled Green" tulle bobbinet dress by Jenny Yoo; style "Norah"
On right: "Black" shadow strip gown by BCBG Bridesmaids; style "LUB64621-001"


For an edgy wedding, try:
Charcoal & Amethyst

On left: "Graphite" taffeta dress by Lazaro; style# LZ3032
On right: "Shimmer grey and Lavender" taffeta dress by Love by Enzoani; style# B1


{Dress Images via the links listed}
{Other wedding images via The Knot}

What do you think of these combos?  Which is your favorite?? Let EB know in the comments section!!


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  1. Love the yellow and red! My favorite combo!


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