Monday, November 1, 2010

Best of EB: Style Icon Inspiration: Silent Screen Vamps

Originally posted on May 13, 2010

Those of you who know me know I draw a huge inspiration from dark, moody color palettes and vintage styles.  So it should come as no surprise that I've created a style icon inspiration board based on silent film stars.  My final college collection was inspired by 1920's couture and Tim Burton films, so I've included two of the designs in the board because they fit so well.  I know the mood is very dark and not for everyone's taste, but I find it gothically romantic and fitting with current trends (vampires anyone?)  Part of what appeals to me about this era is that it was one of the first times in history where women were finally allowed some freedom in their appearance, as well as their attitudes.  Unfortunately the great depression hit and everyone had to reign in their newfound attitude and style to fit the somber mood of the day.  But for a short while, these female were able to let their hair down (or in most cases, just chop it off) .  They were confident bad girls and they owned it!

Russian starlet Alla Nazimova

The term "it girl" was coined for her- Clara Bow

Polish film star Pola Negri

The term "vamp" was coined for Theda Bara, due to her seductive appearance and despite the fact that she led a relatively normal and scandal free life compared to the other film stars of the day. 

Mae Clarke stars in 1931's Frankenstein and wears a figure hugging gown and super long, lace appliqued veil.

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Get inspired by the silent film era on your wedding day by incorporating moody tones like black, white, red, and silver, art deco accessories, and tons of lace. 

{Images of starlets found via Google Images}

Photo Credits
Top left wedding gown by Alita Graham; style# 31622236
Cake by Christpher Garren's heart panel cake image via WEtv
Top middle wedding gown by Enzoani; style "elena"
Top right viel by Sara Gabriel; style "eve"
Headband by Jennifer Behr; style "irina"
Far right bridesmaid dress by Lazaro; style# LZ3031
Shoe by Bordello by Pleaser at; style "violet"
Bottom left wedding gown by Claire Pettibone; style "clara"
Bottom wedding gown by Blush by JLM; style# 1006
Far right bridesmaid dress by Love by Enzoani; style# A20
Earrings by Anna Bellagio via The Knot; style "natalia"
Ring by Leigh Jay Nacht via The Knot
Other two gowns by yours truly
All other images via The Knot

What do you think? Gorgeously gothic or just downright creepy? Post your thoughts in the comments section!!

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