Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Dress Your Body Type: Apple Shaped

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting anything for the last week!  It's been such a busy few days, and I couldn't find the time to put out any quality posts.  Don't worry, though, I'm not going anywhere!!

Last Friday I began a five part series of posts helping you find gowns that will flatter your body type most.  This week I am going to focus on the "apple" shape (I know, what's with all the fruit comparisons??  I have no clue, I didn't make them up).  Like I said last week, the key to flattering any body type isn't necessarily about "masking your flaws", it's more about creating balance.  Once you figure out which body type you have, you can then find ways to balance your figure, making it look more proportioned.  Because every figure is different, these posts are meant to act as a guide, not a list of hard-fast rules.  Once you start trying on gowns, utilize your consultant because she will be able to find gowns that will look great on your specific figure.  Remember, these are just to help get you started, if you love a dress and it doesn't fit these rules, try it anyway!  You never know how it will look until you try it on!

The Five Major Body Types: Pear, Apple, Wedge, Rectangle, & Hourglass... and yes, you should be jealous of my drawing skills hehe
What is an apple shape?  a wider waist compared to a shoulder and hipline that are narrower. It's also known as the "O" body shape. 
How to flatter a apple shape:  Create the illusion of a slim waist, making a balanced hourglass shape
Some styles to try:  ruching, empire waists, corset style bodices, a-lines and ball gowns, v-necks,
Some styles to (possibly) avoid:  sheaths, mermaid styles
Some famous apple shapes: Queen Latifah, Mia Tyler, Mo'Nique

Styles for Petite (aka 5'4" and under) Apples Shapes:
David's Bridal style# 9T3060

David's Bridal style# 9V9665
 Both of these styles are great for petite apple shaped brides because the skirts is are modified a-lines that wont overwhelm but will balance out the figure.  They both have ruched bodices which create an hourglass figure. 

Styles for Average and Tall Apple Shapes:

David's Bridal style# 9T3090
 This gown has a soft neckline and delicate, yet supportive cap sleeves. 

David's Bridal style# 9WG3045

Enzoani style "Eliana"
 This goddess gown's soft fabric and supportive bodice are super flattering and the empire waist helps minimize a wider torso.

Ian Stuart style "Jet Set"
 This tea-length style is a great option because the jacket provides coverage without looking matronly and the full skirt minimizes the waist.

Private Label by G style# G3345
 The v-neckline and the ruched bodice are great for bustier brides and the dropped waist is a great alternative to the less flattering mermaid style.

Sincerity Bridal style# 4481
This scoop neckline is great for any size bust size- it gives the illusion of a fuller bust on smaller girls and will also support a larger bust.
Key Points to Remember:
  • Stay away from mermaid and sheath styles
  • Ruching is always flattering
  • Scoop necklines are also always flattering
  • Modified a-lines are great on petite apple shaped brides
  • There are lots of jacket and sleeve options that are flattering and not at all matronly
{Images via The Knot}

Have more appled shaped figure flattery questions?  Ask EB in the comment section below!!  Next Friday, look for "How to Dress Your Body Type: Wedge Shaped"!!

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