Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!: Spring/Summer Edition

I decided to shuffle through some of the wedding cake photos on Flickr and find some that would be perfect for spring and summer weddings!  Amongst all the cakes (and cake wrecks), there were a few that I thought were really fun, unique, and perfect for this time of year.  The links below the photos will take you back to their original site.

Despite the blue accented quilting, ribbon details, blue painted flowers, and suger calla lillies, this cake manages to not look overdone!

These cupcakes are so much fun for a more casual affair!

At first glance this cake looks white, but it's actually tinted the lightest shade of blush- so pretty!

This cake adds a little bit of latin flavor to a hot summer wedding, featuring daisies, sugared key limes, and mexican buttercream filling.  The top and bottom layers are coconut lime cake with key lime curd filling and coconut cream filling.  The middle layer is vanilla ginger cake with mango filling.

While this cake may be a little (or way too) loud for many brides, I appreciate it's boldness!

Featuring lots of great suger flowers, this cake's color palette really makes it stand out!

This sweet, whimsical cake would be so pretty at an outdoor reception!

{All photos via Flickr}

What do you think of these cakes as opposed to more traditional white wedding cakes? Share your thoughts in the comments sections!!


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